How to Make a Positive First Impression Every Time

When I was younger, I had no inclination of the importance of a good first impression. I was full of awkwardness and emotions and completely unsure of how to deal with it all, which probably applied to all of us at some point.

Allowing negativity to take over, I feared change and resisted making any effort at the beginning of new friendships and relationships. I later realized that the more negativity I put into the world, the more I negativity I got back.

The better choice would have been to allow love and friendship into my life, which would have sooner facilitated my self-growth. I’ve learned that starting off on the right foot with someone really can make all the difference.

Making good impressions definitely doesn’t guarantee that people will like me, but it does guarantee that I’ve done my job to present myself authentically and positively.

There are countless people in this world who will never like you, no matter how kind and generous you are to them. But fortunately for you, that’s not your problem.

I’m sure you’ve heard someone say before, “it’s their loss.” If someone chooses to dislike you after having a positive first impression, it’s 100% their loss. Plus, they’re probably not someone you’d enjoy being around anyway.

There are two main objectives I always keep in mind every time I meet someone new, whether I’m at work or out with friends:

  • Smile!
    • I don’t even have to awkwardly show my teeth. I just turn my cheeks upward and give them a kind look. People like nice people who make an effort.
  • Be real.
    • It’s really easy for others to see through a facade. When I was younger, I was a bit of a social chameleon and altered my personality and voice depending on who I was hanging with, and it didn’t work. People respect authenticity.
    • Of course, I have a moderately southern accent, so I do have to consciously speak more clearly sometimes, but I try to still sound like myself. I used to think my accent was something to be ashamed of, but I understand now that it is what makes me unique. And I love it now!

Every time I meet someone new, I make an effort to be both kind and genuine. Even if the other person chooses not to like me, it feels great to know I gave them a first impression of me that was true to me. And it’s nice to know I didn’t provide them with anything negative to say about the way I treated them.

Next time you get to meet someone new, don’t be afraid to make the effort to show them your compassion and uniqueness. It’s what makes you so lovable!

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