Here’s How To Ditch Your Resting Bitch Face

Ah, “resting bitch face,” a curse that has plagued Kristen Stewart and Kanye West, as well as many of us, throughout our lives. It’s the act of physically appearing as annoyed or displeased when in reality you’re actually having a delightful day and thinking gleeful thoughts. Believe it or not, this phenomenon is actually curable and I’m going to show you how.

Positive impressions are key to succeeding in our society, even if we don’t want to face it. I’ve always been the type to try not to care about what others think of me, but now being in a professional setting, I’ve realized that it really is significant to a certain degree.

If others have a negative perception of you, they’ll probably avoid talking and working with you, which can hinder you from advancements. It’s important to remain open to opportunities in your working and social life and negative perceptions from others can keep you from receiving them.

Displaying a face that communicates disdain or even anger- regardless of if it’s intended- will lead people to believe you’re unapproachable, even if you’re actually super bubbly. And it makes sense. If I see that someone looks irritated, I usually decide not to approach them or interact with them, though I am not truly aware of his or her true emotions.

The all-encompassing antidote to RBF is consciousness. We discuss being mindful a good bit on Earthwords, but it truly is the seed to self-growth.

Here are some ways you can start using consciousness to cure your RBF right now:

  • Set reminders or alarms for yourself on your phone
    • Remind yourself to smile or feel gratitude throughout your day. You can schedule them as often or as seldom as you prefer.
  • Place photos, items, or notes in your work area that bring you joy.
    • Print out photos of loved ones and place them where you can glance at them easily to lighten. Update them frequently
  • Smile more at other people
    • Simply smiling at others more often can get you in the habit of smiling more frequently in general.

Applying these mindfulness techniques will leave you looking considerably more joyous in the face and have others eager to approach you. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t notice a difference right away. For some of us, it may take a little more practice and effort, but I guarantee that if you are consistent and patient with yourself, you’ll see a positive change in the way others perceive you and interact with you.

The transformation likely won’t take place overnight, especially if you’ve been sporting an RBF at your place of occupation for quite some time. Nonetheless, people will notice and they’ll appreciate your effort.

Give these suggestions a try! Come back and tell us about your results when you’re ready.


  • woman

    Hey there! just an idea : what is this whole deal with “resting bitch face” ? aren’t there enough things that tear women down already? it’s concerning to me that society is now coming for women who are simply minding their own business. breathing, living, metabolizing, respirating…. they don’t seem to be doing any harm to anyone, but is that not enough these days? must women smile in everyone’s face while going about their own business? i think this term might just be another socially constructed obstical women have to face.. and i don’t think we need any more of those! as a woman, it might not be a great idea to perpetuate this notion.. just a thought.. thanks, peace & love always

    • Mary Beth Tillery

      Hi! Thank you so much for voicing your concerns. You are exactly right. I agree wholeheartedly with you and I tried to keep this in mind while writing the article. To keep the tone non-gender specific, I tried to refer to both men and women within the article, and included a photo of Kanye sporting his typical face. However, I absolutely could have worked harder to make this clear.

      The term is quite misogynistic and suggests that men don’t also deal with this phenomenon. Thank you for bringing this to my attention- I hope to have you back as a reader for future articles.

      I’d love to write an article diving further into this issue, as well.

      Thank you again.
      Peace & love to you!

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